Two weekends down, two big Sundays to go

Another weekend of catering at the NSW School Bands festival – of which an early highlight was the sale of 54 pre-ordered snacks and lunches to the Compassvale Primary School band who were here visiting from Singapore. They looked and sounded fantastic and we were very happy to provide the fuel that kept them going. So – up go the numbers: 17kg of chicken breast, 5kg of ham, 100s of hotdogs, 200+ chocolate chip cookies, countless muffins, cupcakes and pieces of cake, close to 1000 lolly bags (band member and all-round hard worker Luke Cruickshank is keeping a personal tally of how many he’s made – over 300 at the end of Sunday). And, most important, up goes the amount of money we’ve earned – an estimated $8000 so far. Apart from the core organisers who have been putting in dawn till dusk  hours on this project, a number of families have  been regular contributors in various ways, putting in hours at the venue and bringing along things to sell – many thanks for those good efforts, also to everyone else who’s helped out. Overall though a lot of  people are yet to contribute in any way at all – but it’s not too late! Please take the time to make or buy something for us to sell, or come along and help out at the venue – as we’ve said before, the money raised benefits everyone in the program. For details, check out the fundraising page.

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