Best fundraising effort ever!

Well – all we can say is a a big fat WOW! for the achievements of last Sunday 8 August – thanks to everyone who helped out. Slammed from 7.30am, but we were ready.  With croissants, coffee, sweets, and soup  + hotdogs and wraps.  First timer student helper Dan  stepped up, and was a blur of fridge-filling, biscuit-serving madness while veterans Brigitta, Zac, Imogen, Luke “lolly-bags” Cruikshank, Colin and Ned, managed to keep it together as the crowds surged towards our irresistable and yummy food…

Our collectively brilliant effort has resulted in another 3.8K in the bank and the cumulative total for 2010 reaching more than$ 12,000 – putting us well in reach of exceeding the 2009 target.  YAY!  Best of all there’s only one more sunday to go – another huge one so let’s pull out all stops to make it count.   Details here or email

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