Rock The Schools – This Monday – Please RSVP

Rock The Schools – This Monday 30th April

The School was given a last minute opportunity late last term to have a music program called Rock The Schools visit Rose Bay to do some workshops and put on a lunchtime concert for the students.  The show is very professional with half a million dollars worth of sound and lights being brought on site and an up and coming band from Brisbane called ‘Nine Sons Of Dan’ playing for our students.  There will also be workshops on sound, lighting and recording equipment as well as a question and answer session with the band following the concert.

At this stage just MEP students and Assembly Crew will be invited but if there are spaces then I may open this up to anyone interested. 

This is a formal invitation for your student(s) to participate in the workshops and/or the Q&A session.  The workshops will run during class time and if students participate in both they will be out of class most of the day. 

There are two workshops one on Lighting and one on Live Sound & Recording and these will run from the start of Period 3 in the hall and go into to period 4 by about 10 minutes.  These students also have the option to participate in the bump in and setup during periods 1 and 2 which provides a valuable real world link to the workshop content.

The concert takes place at lunch time and the entire school have been invited to come along i wouldencourage your students to attend.

Following the concert there will be a Q&A session in period 5 with the organisers and the band covering topics like job oppurtunities in the music industry and life in a rock band as well as practical advice for those students in a band currently (particularly applicable to Rockband). 

If your student(s) would like to participate please send an email to Ben Bryant (Rockband tutor and music teacher – who has organised the visit, stating the students name and the workshops they wish to attend. Once again this is all completely free we just need to know who will be attending.

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