What a fantastic night it was with all our Ensembles showcasing their talents!!!

I always love the chance to see ALL our ensembles in action – the breadth of variety and progress each Ensemble has made since the beginning of the year is a joy to behold.

 Special thanks (in no particular order) to our talented musicians whom make it all possible;

* Rock Bands – big progress in a short time – no sign of stage fright – all did a good job but special mention of the Rock Band 4 with their OWN hip reggae composition “Insane”!

* Junior Concert – first performance for a large group of budding musicians working together to produce a great sound!

* Junior Stage – specially enjoyed our young jazz group’s rendition of “Bubbert’s Groove”!

* Vocal Ensemble – special thanks to our new conductor James Paul for his arrangement of “Proud Mary” – lovely to hear those lower notes from our male vocalists as well as the highs from our female vocalists!

* Senior Concert Band – always for the big beautiful sound of our seasoned musicians!

* Percussion – blown away by their vitality and talent – they just get better and better every time they perform!

* Acapella – especially for their haunting rendition of Sinead O’Connor’s “In This Heart”!

* Senior Stage – our very talented jazz musicians whom gave a beautifully professional performance!

Thanks to our Principal Mr Skinner and Music Staff – Donna Masterson, Helen Ranger, Ben Bryant, our MEP Director Murray Jackson, and other conductors Ben (again), Ali Foster and James Paul for their time and effort in producing a wonderful night.  Special thanks to Keith Rowe – our Sound and Lighting Engineer.

And thanks to all the parents whom donated food and helped with preparing, cooking and selling food, organised our groups, collected gold coins and those whom hung around to help clean and pack up.

Trish McAlary – Parent

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