NSW Band Festival

NSW Band Festival is taking place this Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of July. MEP is providing the catering and volunteers for both days of the festival and we still have places to fill in the roster as well as needing more food donations.
Volunteers – Please head to the link below to look over the volunteer roster: http://www.rosebay-h.schools.nsw.edu.au/parent-community/nsw-band-festival-fundraising any spaces you can fill would be greatly appreciated. Please email Kelly Kelly.Robinson6@det.nsw.edu.au with the day and time you can help out and she will add you to the roster – Thank you to everyone that has already done this!
Donations – The temperature is set to plummet on Saturday and Sunday so there will be many cold folks huddling around at UNSW. That means SOUP and HOT FOODS will be in hot demand for donations. Sunday in particular with a large group and late night we will need 2 x soup donations, preferably provided in a slow cooker. Little warm things such as mini bacon and egg pies, mini sausage rolls etc also go well. We never have too many popular chocolate goodies either so please let us know what you can bring along. Once again thanks to everyone that has already made donations.

Bands here are your arrival times for Sunday 21st July:
Junior Concert Band – 8.15am
Junior Stage Band – 4.45pm
Senior Concert Band – 11.30am
Senior Stage Band – 7pm
The info letter and permission forms are in the following links. If you have not already completed the permission slip please do so and return it to Mrs Masterson by this Friday.

Junior Concert Band:

Click to access permission-letter-junior-concert-band-nsw-band-festival-2013.pdf

Junior Stage Band:

Click to access permission-letter-junior-stage-band-nsw-band-festival-2013.pdf

Senior Concert Band:

Click to access permission-letter-senior-concert-band-nsw-band-festival-2013.pdf

Senior Stage Band:

Click to access permission-letter-senior-stage-band-nsw-band-festival-2013.pdf

Getting there – On foot:
Enter through Gate 9, High St. The Sir John Clancy Auditorium is located on the right.
Enter through Gate 11, Botany St. Park in multi-level parking station. Parking charges apply on weekdays.
Upon exiting vehicle, proceed out of the carpark, pass through the Samuels Building underpass and proceed down Chancellery Walk, the Sir John Clancy Auditorium is on the left.
There is also free street parking around the venue. You can download a map of the venue at this link: https://rbscmep.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/sir_john_clancy_auditorium_map_1.pdf

If you cannot attend this event please let Murray know asap.

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