Upcoming performances for Vocal Ensemble


Details for upcoming Vocal Ensemble Performances. We have also added an extra rehearsal to your schedule so you have time to run all your material before these important performances.

Extra rehearsal :
Monday, 4th November at 2:30pm
Where: C-Block Multi Media Room

Upcoming performances:

Combined Choir Event
Thursday, 7th November 2013
Where: RBSC Gym
Arrival time: 3:45pm
What to wear: MEP Uniform

Permission form & information letter download here:

Please return the permission to your Vocal Ensemble rehearsal on the 31st October  2013

White Ribbon Breakfast
Thursday, 28th November 2013
Meet at RBSC at 7:15am sharp.
Travel: Via bus from RBSC to Woollahra Council Historic Redleaf Venue.
What to wear: School Uniform

Permission form and information letter download here: https://rbscmep.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/permission-letter-vocal-ensemble-perform-for-white-ribbon-breakfast.pdf

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