For new students – joining the MEP

Joining the Music Ensemble Program at Rose Bay Secondary College is a great move for all sorts of reasons – if you have a look around this website you’ll come across quite a few of them. If you know you want to join, or think you might want to but are not 100% sure yet, the best thing you can do is fill out the registration form for 2016 which is found on the front page.

It doesn’t mean you’re committed to anything (it’s paying your enrolment fees that does that) but it does mean you’ll receive emails and generally be in the loop to receive any information about the program or upcoming events that gets sent out.

The MEP is a friendly place to be – as well as offering a great musical experience – and we look forward to welcoming lots of new members in 2016.

To ask questions contact Jacquie Giles on 9301 0320 or

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