Message from Sean Windsor, Rock Band Director

Hope everyone is well and coping with this latest lockdown ok.

Rock Band will be transitioning to our online format for the time being. We will be back to regular rehearsals asap, but in the meantime, we will be using Google Classroom to communicate and Zoom to have a weekly catch-up.

Each band has its own Classroom. You should either still be members of your class from last year, or you should have received an invite if you have changed bands or are new to the program this year. Please check your education emails and make sure you join your class right away. Keep an eye on your Classroom over the coming days, as we will be posting messages for you there. Remember to keep all interactions on Classroom appropriate and in line with the regular code of conduct for RBSC.

Bands will be given music to practice and assignments involving writing original songs and recording etc. Each band will have a short Zoom meeting each week, to check on the progress of these assignments. I will send out one Zoom link, which will be used for all the Zoom meetings. Students will need to join the meeting at their scheduled time (to be worked out via Google Classroom) and will be admitted into the meeting from the waiting room.

Students will need to be logged into Zoom using their education email. No personal accounts can be used and students attempting to join using a personal account will be asked to leave and login again with the correct account.

Please let me know if you have any questions. As I said, we will be posting info on your Classrooms in the coming days, so please make sure you check in there often.

About annaconvenor

Anna McFarlane is a parent at Rose Bay Secondary College and the Chair of Rose Bay Secondary College Music Ensemble Program Subcommittee.
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