Rock Band

A message from Ben……

Monday night. All interested new students should come along and hear about the MEP and how Rockband works and when it is on. There will be a joining form available on the night which can be filled out and handed back to me or dropped in a Dropbox in the c block staffroom from Tuesday onward.

All returning students are asked to collect a form fill it out and pop it in the Dropbox as well , it is not necessary for them to come to info night. Returning groups will begin tuition on Thursday the 13th and the new groups will join on Thursday the 20th.

New groups will be tutored during school hours for 1 period a week while groups containing senior students will be given preference to the sessions outside school hours. 

Sessions will rotate so that students do not miss the same period every week.

If there’s anything else you need let me know. Download the Rock Band pacticipant form here

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